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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stencil Art Streets of Melbourne

In 2003, I lived in Melbourne. Walking the streets of this city, was like
walking in a 24/7 art show. A huge dialog was happening... instead of
reading the newspapers for my daily dose of news, I preferred to look at the
walls. A lot of inspiration came from my many walks through Melbourne.
In time, I was able to meet many of the artists such as haha, dlux, vexta,
civil to name a few... The stencil scene was going off. Crazy times... Upon
having to leave Melbourne due to visa issues, the plan was to do a show in
Los Angeles featuring many of the artists from Melbourne with the help of
amac owner of the Citylights project [an amazing 24/7 outdoor gallery
located in the heart of downtown Melbourne]. Due to circumstances out of my
control the show never did happen. It would have rocked LA in 2004. Here is
a taste of what it would have looked like...

During this time in Australia, the project Visionary subTEXT was being
developed. The issues I was focusing on then were public vs private space,
advertising and street art; as well as getting a necessary fresh perspective
living outside of LA. I met so many incredible people down under. I hope to
reconnect with them all soon in the real. Today, I begin to do it virtually.


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